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ColorSeam - Directions for use

For use on a Solid Surface Worktop:

Step 1:
For full user instructions please see the ‘Solid Surface Installation Components Booklet’

Step 2:
Ensure both sides of the joint are perfectly matched and use alcohol wipes to clean the joint, allow to dry.

Step 3:
Fix timber blocks to either side of the joint and G Clamps to bring them together.

Step 4:
Apply a continuous bead of ColorSeam along the full length of the top and bottom edge of
the joint. Push the two parts of the worktop together.

Step 5:
Apply a second continuous bead of Adhesive to the top edge of the joint and fill the joint ensuring that sufficient adhesive is used so that when the sheets are brought together, a continuous bead of adhesive flows out of the joint area.

Step 6:
Apply pressure to the joint with the G clamps, checking for alignment.

Step 7:
Allow the adhesive to cure to a hard rubber consistency, approx 30 minutes.

Step 8:
Remove G Clamps first then remove hot melt glue blocks and finally glue deposits on the surface with a wide sharp chisel taking care not to damage the worktop. Complete with the sanding process outlined in the ‘Installation Components Booklet’.

ColorSeam - Video