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Direction for Use


  • Before installation of the parquet, the substrate should be checked to ensure it is suitable. Check the moisture content though out the entire thickness of the substrate with a carbide or electric hygrometer
  • The moisture content must be as recommended (generally 2% for sand cement substrates and max. 0.5% for anhydrite, measured with a carbide hygrometer. For substances with underfloor heating the values are resp. max. 1.5% and 0.3%) Floorbond should be applied to an even, dry, clean and smooth substrate, which is free from irregularities and cracks. Rests of old adhesives may affect the adhesion and must be removed mechanically. Loose or damaged surfaces must be repaired before the application of the adhesive.
  • Surfaces can be treated with the appropriate primer.
  • Smooth surfaces like anhydrite should be roughened and the top layer disposed of. Sanded sub floor must be vacuum cleaned with an industrial vacuum cleaner.
  • When installing a parquet floor on top of marble, terrazzo or ceramic tiles they must be first cleaned with cleaner. Once cleaned, rinse the tiles thoroughly with plenty of clean water. Ensure the floor is completely dry before applying FloorBond.
  • A preliminary compatibility test is recommended on every surface.


  • The parquet flooring must be acclimatised for several days in the area where it is to be installed. Leave the parquet in its original packaging until installation to avoid any deformation.
  • Check before installation that the moisture content of the wood is as recommended by the supplier, (generally 9% +/- 2%). If the humidity of the wood is more than 11% installation is not recommended.
  • Allow a gap of 1 to 1.5cm around the perimeter of the laid parquet, including any columns or structures, which penetrate the floor.

Applying the adhesive

  • Apply the adhesive with the special gun and nozzle (cut nozzle into a triangular shape before use) in a continuous bead onto the surface at right angles with the parquet planks with a distance of:
  • 10cm for planks with a width between 70mm and 130mm and a thickness exceeding 15mm
  • 7cm for planks with a width between 130mm and 180mm and a thickness exceeding 15mm
  • Slide the parquet into the adhesive layer at right angles with the adhesive cordons and tap into place or tamp down with a rubber hammer.