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Protects laminate floor joints from water damage

  • ClicSeal is a joint sealer designed to protect the core of ‘click’ flooring from moisture and water damage
  • It will prevent joint swelling and opening.
  • ClicSeal can be used on all glueless flooring – laminate and engineered wood floors
  • It is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and entrances
  • One tube of ClicSeal is sufficient for 10 square metres of flooring.
  • ClicSeal does not have to be used on the whole floor but can be used just in those areas where water is likely to be splashed.

Download ClicSeal Feature Sheet


Download ClicSeal MSDS


Directions for Use

  • Before fitting boards together, apply ClicSeal to the top of the tongue on all board edges, both sides and ends.
  • Make sure to apply a generous quantity of ClicSeal to ensure a complete, even seal.
  • Connect boards together immediately after application. Do not allow ClicSeal to dry before locking boards
  • After 15 – 20 minutes maximum, remove any surplus from the surface of the boards with a plastic spatula.
  • Floorboards with ClicSeal on them can be removed and replaced because ClicSeal always remains flexible. There will be no damage from the ClicSeal to the floorboard.