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COLORFILL with Applicator


For laminate repair

  • ColorFill is available in over 400 colours
  • ColorFill provides a permanent repair
  • ColorFill requires no mixing
  • It is waterproof and resistant to all household detergents & cleaners

Directions for Use

  • Clean the damaged area with a solvent moistened tissue to ensure there are no oil or grease residues on the surface.
  • Squeeze liberal amount of ColorFill onto a spatula and pull back across damage, filling the area with ColorFill.
  • To clean off overfill use a solvent moistened tissue around the repair taking care not to clean out the filled area. Depending on the result a second or third coat may be necessary.
  • For final clean up allow 24 hours to full harden and clean the area with household washing up liquid and warm water.

Download ColorFill Feature Sheet


Download ColorFill Solvent MSDS Sheet


Download ColorFill MSDS Sheet

ColorFill Pack Sizes
ColorFill Box

ColorFill Bulk Pack

  • 25g tubes
  • Box of 9
COLORFILL with Applicator

ColorFill Hanging Box

  • 25g tube of ColorFill + 20ml Solvent
ColorFill - Blisterpack

ColorFill Blisterpack

  • 25g tube of ColorFill + 20ml Solvent

ColorFill Fitters Kit

  • x20 tubes of 25g ColorFill + 150ml Solvent + Stainless Steel Spatula