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MitreBond Blister Pack/Single Pack

50g Adhesive
MitrePen Activator

Best seller into DIY

MitreBond Aerosal Pack

Aerosol Pack

50g Adhesive,
200ml Aerosol Activator

The popular size with all
kitchen fitters.

MitreBond midi pack

Midi Pack

100g Adhesive,
400ml Aerosol Activator

The Midi pack is twice the size of

the standard pack and offers
greater value for money.

mitrebond super pack


500g Adhesive,
2 x 400ml Aerosol Activator

The Superpack is for bulk
users and industrial contracts.

MitreBond Counter Box

MitreBond Counter Display Box

18 x 50g Adhesive

Sell alongside MitrePen display box.

MitrePen display

MitrePen Counter Display Box

20 x MitrePen Activator

Sell alongside MitreBond
display box.


MitreBond Triple Pack

3 x 50g MitreBond Adhesive
and 1 x MitrePen Activator

The big value pack for those who
prefer to use the new MitrePen.